FTP Instructions

Uploading your site via FTP.

As a site administrator, you have the privilege to publish the web site.

Once you have created your website and  you want to post it on the server, you can upload it using any FTP  program by following the steps listed below.

Note: Before uploading your website, make sure its home page is named index.html. The uploaded site will appear  at http://<www.yourdomain.com or .net, .org, etc.

  1. Launch your favorite FTP application. I use WS FTP and they have a lite version called WS FTP LE that you can click here to download it for free.
  2. In WS FTP start by creating a new FTP site and naming it whatever you  want. Then enter the Host Name or IP address. Host name will be www.yourdomain.com but if your dns has not switched yet you may need to use the IP address you are given for setup.
  3. Next at the prompts type your user name and password. In WS FTP it has an  option to save the password so you don’t have to type it in every time  you log on.
  4. To set the correct start up directory in WS FTP, click on the properties  button for your newly created FTP site and then select the Startup tab.  In the field for  Remote Site Folder you enter  public_html and this will drop you into the correct base web directory  where you will be uploading your files.

    NOTE: What ever program  you use to FTP your files, you will  need to move to public_html prior to uploading. You are started off by default in a base folder if you don’t specify a starting point. If you load your files to this base folder  they will not be accessible  via http://www.yourdomain.com

  5. Once you are logged in with WS FTP you can now move your files from the left window (your hard drive) to the right window (the server). This is also known as  uploading the files to the server.
  6. Once your files have been uploaded you can quit the program by shutting it down.
  7. Done!