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John Limbocker

is a life long entrepreneur. He got his start washing cars to raise money to buy model airplane kits which his father got him hooked on at the age of 8 years old. John and his father loved watching the TV show “Baa Baa Black Sheep” with Robert Conrad. It was based on a real life WWII Ace (Pappy Boyington) and the shenanigans he got his squadron into.


John said, “One day my Dad came home from work with a model airplane kit of the Corsair that Pappy Boyington flew.  I had so much fun building that model with him. When it was done I asked him if I could have another one. That was the groundbreaking moment when he told me that models cost money. It was right then I made the association that I needed to earn money to get the things I wanted in life.”


John and his father loved watching the TV show “Baa Baa Black Sheep” with Robert Conrad. It was based on a real life WWII Ace (Pappy Boyington) and the shenanigans he got his squadron into.

Later that year John was introduced to a concept that would alter his path for the rest of his life. Up until this point John was focused on getting a good job when he grew up so he could always have the finer things in life

It happened during a fishing trip out with his Dad and Grandfather on their little family fishing boat. On the way out through the harbor John noticed all the big beautiful yachts that lined the harbor. He began to contrast the difference between their little skiff and all these luxury yachts. Curiosity brought out a question of which the answer would change his life. John asked his Dad, “Why don’t we have one of these big boats?” His Father replied, “Son, we can’t afford one of those because I have a job”.  John, being incredibly puzzled by that answer, asked “Don’t the people who own those boats have jobs?” His Father replied, “No Son, those people have businesses and that is how they can afford those yachts”.



For the rest of the day John could not stop thinking about what his Father said and what that meant. By the time he arrived back on dry land John knew that he wanted one of those big beautiful boats and that he needed a business to make it happen. From that point forward the idea of getting or having a job became repulsive to him. He realized that a job would only get in the way of him getting everything he would ever want out of life. This has stuck with him as he has never worked for anyone a day in his life.

John has created over 20 businesses since that time. Not all of them were successful, in fact most of them failed miserably, but one was an absolute winner. On his 21st Birthday, instead of going out and drinking like most 21 year olds do, he spent the day forming a company he named Limbo Vision. This company has been successfully serving the Advertising needs of businesses and advertising agencies since March of 1985.

The thing that drew these businesses and advertising agencies to Limbo Vision was John's knack for being able to bring their dreams to life on film using advanced lighting techniques and special effects photography.

John sat in on hundreds of board meetings of major corporations and ad agencies, listening to their creative art director’s dream up spectacular ad campaigns. They would agree on a particular concept and then turn to John and ask, “Can this be done?”

John would simply smile and reply, “Your wish is my command”. He would then go to work figuring out how it was going to happen and produce exactly what was asked of him.

1995 brought major change with the introduction of Photshop and the writing was on the wall. High end advertising photography and special effects on film was rapidly coming to an end.

Lucky for Limbo Vision, John saw the road ahead and recognized the opportunity that was rapidly approaching. The World Wide Web (www for short) was on the horizon. Limbo Vision swiftly altered course to stay ahead of the times and started offering Web Design, E-Commerce Construction and on line marketing as a part of its services.


In the mid to late nineties John cracked many of the Search Engine codes of the time and was able to get top listings for his clients. John made many guest speaking appearances as well as a few paid seminars, demystifying how the Search Engines really worked and how to beat them.
From the start John recognized the need to supply quality traffic to his clients and he did just that. In the following years John accounted for over 100 Million Dollars in on line sales for his clients.

In 2008 John decided to take what he was doing for big businesses and extend his expertise to the small and start up entrepreneurs. He began offering online video training courses showing small business owners what he was doing to drive traffic for big companies. He showed them exactly how to do it for themselves at a fraction of the going rate. The money he was saving them was paled in comparison to the time and frustration he was saving them by removing the learning curve and eliminating the guess work.

In the following years John noticed a high number of these small and startup businesses failing even though he showed them how to get all the traffic they ever needed. Upon closer examination he realized traffic wasn’t the problem. The problem was they had no ability to convert the traffic into paying customers. This is the job of methodical marketing.


John spent the last 2 decades focused on driving traffic for big businesses and agencies but he observed and learned how these agencies put together their marketing. This is what made the companies he drove traffic to wildly successful. It was the marketing that converted that traffic into leads and sales.

This brought on John’s newest idea that these small businesses didn’t need just traffic. They needed a simple Marketing Protocol that included traffic on the back end. This was a monumental task that led to the creation of John’s ACT Marketing Protocol. 


ACT is a three step process to create a Homerun Marketing Campaign. It follows the exact protocol of all the major ad agencies out there. It reveals the secrets that are known only to those who could afford to hire the high dollar agencies. The ACT Marketing Protocol is delivered in true John style via online videos that provide step by step, over his shoulder instruction. Using the ACT Marketing Protocol, also known as “AMP”, anyone can create marketing materials that make sales superfluous by creating demand and desire for your products or services.


A perfect example is McDonald’s. When was the last time you saw a sales person in McDonald’s? All they need is order takers to take the orders of people that already have demand and desire for the product created by their marketing materials. On top of that each employee is trained to use simple marketing scripts to increase their order values by being helpful and providing a positive user experience. An example if this is, “Would you like fries with that?” This is brilliant marketing which is revealed in the ACT marketing protocol.

Today John’s company, Internet Dominators, devotes over 90% of its efforts helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve the freedom they deserve. They do this by automating the process of turning web browsers into paying customers through developing Homerun Marketing Campaigns.

John says, “One Homerun Marketing Campaign can change your business and your life”.

John is now offering private consulting to savvy business owners that want to create Automated Online Selling Systems to scale their businesses like never before. His knowledge and experience across a massive range of businesses is unmatched.

He is looking forward to helping you…