ericsbook2The Following is an excerpt from
Eric Lofholms best selling book
How To Sell In The New Economy

Video Marketing to Generate Leads

In the new economy, your web presence is becoming increasingly important.  The last time you hired an insurance broker or financial  planner or attorney; did you look up their Website? Of course you did.

The language of the Internet is turning to video. This trend is  accelerating as the costs have been lowered to an affordable level. It  is now possible  for any person to take advantage of  the benefits of video and increase their web presence. I personally  learned of the power of video on the Internet when John Limbocker contacted me.

It was the Monday before a Sales Scripting Seminar that I was hosting on  the  following Saturday. John contacted  me with a simple proposition, if he could get me on the first page of  Google for the term ”Sales Scripting” by the end of the week  would I then allow him to address  the seminar attendees on his strategies. I know a fair deal when I see  one so I accepted his terms.

Within 24 hours, John had blasted various sales scripting videos of mine all  over the  Internet and had 8 of the top 10  spots on Google for term ”Sales Scripting”. If I remember correctly, by  the end of the week he had my videos occupying every one of the top 10  spots!

To this very day I receive leads from Google because of the work John did. People  are able to find my message when they are looking for help in the area of sales scripting.

If you are looking to implement this strategy, you want to start by  creating several  videos. One of the easiest ways to  do this is to first make a list of the ten most common questions you get on your product, service, and industry.

Next, you simply make a video of your answers to those ten questions. If you  use  the Flip video camera like I do to  upload your videos, it comes installed with software to upload your  videos directly to You Tube and Facebook.

The reality is, when it comes to getting listed on the first page of  Google, it takes a  lot of knowledge on how to set  things up correctly so that Google will place you in those coveted top  spots. There is a whole industry that caters to helping businesses  do this very task. It is called  Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. When I need help in this  area, John is whom I look to for expert assistance.

John has a service that he provides to business owners and sales  professionals that  teaches you what you need to know to get listed on all the major search engines. It is called   As a favor to me, John will waive 200 off the $497 upfront  investment when you use ”2015”  (without the quotes) in the coupon field. I encourage you to contact him through his web site and see what he can do for you.

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