If you are struggling to figure out how to market your business online
Pay Attention: This is for YOU!

ONE Home Run
Marketing Campaign
Can Change Your Life

You are about to get access to
a proven established protocol  that
has been used to create
Home Run Marketing Campaigns
for over a hundred years

The first time I used this protocol, I effortlessly made
$140,000.00 in 70 minutes without selling.

This protocol eliminates the need for traditional selling
by creating demand and desire for your products or services.

Imagine having the ability to grow your business without selling.
What would that Freedom look like to you?

No longer would you be a slave to your business.
You would be in total control of your life because
you would be in control of your income.

I make the same amount when I am working,
as I do when I am playing, vacationing and sleeping.
And YOU Can Too...

Your income becomes predictable when you create
Home Run Marketing Campaigns using this proven protocol.


My name is John Limbocker

I got my start providing Special Effects Photography to Ad Agencies back in 1985.
I learned how to create Home Run Marketing Campaigns
from some of the best in the business!

In 1995 I recognized the massive opportunity to provide
online marketing services to my clients.

I started building electronic brochures, now known as websites.
I started building electronic prospect lists, now known as email lists.
And finally I learned to make online transactions, now known as E-commerce.

In the 10 years following that, I had racked up
over 100 Million Dollars in online sales for my clients.

Here are just a few of the businesses I have worked with during my career.client-logos

The education I got from working with such
brilliant minds over for 30 years has been absolutely priceless

There is a Secret Protocol
Ad Agencies have used it since the 1950’s
Not so secret now after being romanticized by the hit TV show
Mad Men Featuring New York, alpha male Don Draper

There was only one  problem with this “Secret Protocol”.
It was reserved exclusively for Big Companies with Deep Pockets

This is the part of my story that is
going to be important to you...

A few years ago I decided to use “The Secret Protocol” to grow my own business.
I thought to myself, I had made fortunes for others
over the last 30 years, So why not do it for myself.

Now keep in mind, I was somewhat of an introvert
and hated the confrontation of making sales

So Naturally... My first big opportunity to test the protocol was
speaking at the Glazer Kennedy Event in front of 2,000 people

Imagine my fear and apprehension.
They wanted ME to make a sales Presentation to 2,000 people!

There was 3,999 Eyeballs focused on me
Yeah, one guy had a patch over one eye... LOL

As I used the protocol to put my presentation together,
I realized It was not a sales pitch.

It was education...

I was totally comfortable educating people

When I got to Atlanta I put all my trust in the protocol
My fear went away and I delivered 70 minutes of pure education

At the end of my speech, It was overwhelming between the roar of applause
and the mob of fans crowded around me for the next hour.

But the Shock was walking to the back table to find out I had
$140,000.00 in orders from just 70 minutes without selling.

That was more than I made over the past year,
and I didn't have to do any hard selling!

It was that moment when I realized my struggle was over.

I thought to myself, I could automate this protocol online
and scale my business like never before.

This lead me to create a new and improved protocol to easily create
Home Run Marketing campaigns in the form of
“Automated Online Selling Systems”
This has changed everything for my business and my life.

Now... for the first time
You can get ad agency results for your business at a fraction of the cost.

The New Protocol is called


ACT Delivers The 3 Key Components to Business Success

And it isn't just the 3 steps either.
The brilliance is these 3 Steps being in sequence
which is the key to all business success.


Show me a successful business and I will show you
all 3 working in the right sequence, Guaranteed...

Show me a business that's failing and I will show you
where one or all 3 steps are missing or out of sequence, Guaranteed...

Mastering these 3 steps will put you in control.

When you are in control of your business
you will be able to generate indestructible wealth
by being able to add new customers and sales literally at will.

When you hit this level you will be able to take time off when ever you want to.
And you will be able to afford all the things you have ever wanted.

Just think how that will make you feel when you are finally in control
and able to provide for all the people that are important to you.
Imagine being able to give them everything you know they deserve
and they will look up to you as their role model.


If You Are Serious About Building a Successful Business
Then You Cannot Afford to Miss This


Here's What You Get with the “ACT System”

Online Education

        • Complete Training on All 3 Components of the “ACT” System
        • Step by Step Action Plan
        • Easy to follow video lessons
        • Fill in the blanks Worksheets
        • Bonus Freedom Formula Lesson & Worksheet
        • Complete Resource Guide (Access to Powerful Software Automation Tools)
        • Multiple 2 Day Live Implementation Events for just 99.00 ea.
          (May 25th & 26th is the next one)
        • Video Recordings of our First Live Event
        • 30 Day Access to Group Coaching
        • Automatic Enrollment in our ongoing Support Community
        • Ongoing Community Access & Weekly Support Calls just $29.97/Mo
          Low monthly support cost locked in for life (You can cancel at any time)

Plus You Get Automatic Enrollment
in our 100K Challenge

Where the first person to make 100K
using the ACT Program will win this 100K Gold Bar

Plus Tools

        • Discounted Access to the Automation Tools You will need
          These are the tools needed to run your Automated Online Selling System
        • Free Trials to research tools
          You can get what you need before the Free Trial ends in many cases


        • Additional Event Tickets for Guests just 99.00 ea
           (Must be working on the same Business)
        • Re-admittance to all future live events for just the 99.00 event fee
        • Full Access to Internet Dominators Club
          For as long as you retain your ongoing support package


The “ACT System” Will Allow You To...

        • Convert qualified prospects into paying customers without selling
        • Understand Your Ideal Clients Deepest desires which will allow you to develop a highly effective marketing message that will Attract the Clients YOU Love and repel the PIA’s (Pains in the Ass!)
        • Make selling superfluous by Creating Demand and Desire for your products
        • Effortlessly Persuade Prospects to BuyONLY FROM YOU” by positioning  your product or service head and shoulders above the rest
        • Make Your Competitors irrelevant
        • Be Able to Scale Your Business Like Never Before


This is a complete Package
There are no Upsells, Tricks or Surprises

Yes, there are some tools and online services you will need
to build and run your Automated Online Selling System.

No business runs without some minor overhead costs
but I have reduced yours down to a minimum in the ACT System.

I have spent years and thousands of dollars buying all the tools out there
and I am removing that pain for you and just recommending the best of the best.
That alone is worth the price of the System in itself...



The Complete System
Is Reasonably Priced At Just


But.. Here's The Deal
I feel so confident about this program that
I am going to put my money where my mouth is...

My Internet Marketing Friends
Say I am a Whack Job for doing this
but I have Decided to Go For It and Offer You

A Results In Advance Guarantee

                Guarantee-seal100k300Make Your 1st Payment Today
                Just $497.00

                Your Second Payment is Due
                After You Have Made Your 1st 100K
                Using the ACT System

                This Guarantee is Simple

                You Make 100K
                or YOU Don't Pay
                The Balance


You can get the entire Program today

ACT Now... Just $497.00
then $29.97 per month for access to our ACT Support Community
You can cancel the ongoing support at any time
Use Offer Code 100KSign up for Dominator Success System


As If A Results In Advance Guarantee Wasn't Enough?
I Have Another Unheard of Guarantee For You...

The Shark Bite Guarantee


            This 30 Day Guarantee Is Even More Simple

            If For Any Reason
            You Are not Absolutely Thrilled
            With The ACT System

            Just Call 714 968-7697 and Tell Us
            The Shark Bit It!


There Is Nothing For You To Worry About
This is a Risk Free Offer
All the Risk is on Me

You get Access to Everything Today
With an Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

ACT Now... For Just $497.00
then $29.97 per month for access to our ACT Support Community
You can cancel the ongoing support at any time

Use Offer Code 100K

Sign up for Dominator Success System


If You Spread your Cost of The ACT Program out over a Year
Its $1.36 a day
That's One Dollar and Thirty Six Cents!


Let Me Ask You This?

If You Aren't Going To Spend Your Dollar-Thirty-Six
For An Automated Online Selling System
To Make Your Business Successful

What Are You Going To Spend It On?

A Third of a Big Mac?
For a couple bucks more you could have the whole thing!


I Don't Mean to Belittle Anyone but..
If You Let a Dollar and 36 Cents Get in the Way Of Your Business Success
That's Just Ludicrous

If You Decide to Pass I hope it is for One Of These Reasons

This System is NOT Right for You Because...

          • You are already making all the money you need.
          • You think there is a push button solution to success
          • You want to continue buying shiny objects with no plan to benefit from them
          • You like to live in fear of failure
          • You are not willing to follow a proven system
          • You prefer to flounder with no hope of success
          • You don't care whether you succeed or fail

If this sounds like you, then This program is Definitely NOT Right For You.

However, if You are willing to Embrace Change and Want to Model
Some of the Most Successful Businesses on the planet
then I invite you to join us in the “ACT System”

The “ACT System” IS Right for You If...

          • You want to know what ensures the success of any business
          • You want to avoid expensive failures
          • You want the shortcut to Business Success
          • You are tired of working for others
          • You want control of your business
          • You want a business that works for you instead of one that you work for
          • You want the freedom to do what you want when you want to do it
          • You want control over your income and profits
          • You want Predictable Income
          • You want an Automated Online Selling System

If this sounds like you then I invite you to take part in the “ACT System”


Get the entire Program today

ACT Now...  Just $497.00
then $29.97 per month for access to our ACT Support Community
You can cancel the ongoing support at any time

Use Offer Code 100K

This could be the most important decision you'll ever make for your business

Sign up for Dominator Success System

Do You have Questions?
Email Me Directly john@internetdominators.com













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