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Our MultiMedia Press Releases feature

  • Proprietary Social Mention multiplier that search engines LOVE!
  • Optimized for social sharing
  • Add your social media accounts and automatically share your release
  • Enhanced national and regional distribution by industry
  • Promoted to thousands of publishers and bloggers
  • Embed your website on your press release
  • We now manually submit your release to 65 other PR companies
  • Nationally syndicated press releases
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Add optimized video, audio, images, info graphics, documents to your  release
  • RSS feeds for readers and journalist to subscribe
  • Indexed by major search engines and news sites
  • World's first VIDEO press release service!
  • We manually submit and optimize your release to other video channels

Internet Dominators incorporates three of the most effective ways to get your message in front of a massive audience. Nationally syndicated press releases integrated with our proprietary social mention system and VIDEO that search engines love.

  • We will write your press release for your approval.
  • All releases will be SEO Optimized and Leverage both citations as well  as anchor text links back to your site for maximum SEO Benefit.
  • A video will be created from the press release. It will be filmed being read by a news caster in a news room to further  increase credibility and authority for your company. The video will  accompany the press release in its syndication as well as being  syndicated itself to video sites.
  • Backlink boosting will also be added to increase the authority of the links from your press release  publishings and increase their rankings in the Search results as well.
  • Plus... Get “As Seen on” status from hundreds of news stations and authority sites.

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